Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Music Album

  Kinda a bit late on Alex Turner Submarine album but now I heard it and can't stop listen to it, the only things that make me sad is the fact how little the song list is! seriously alex you need to make more songs . The alex turner songs not arctic monkeys song tho. even tho both of them are amazing and I love them so much. 

I finally get Mumford & Sons Babel album, I really love this band , so many good reason why I really love this band. From their lyric, their songs, their style, their video , everything. On Babel album so far my favorite songs will be I will wait , Lovers of the light and Ghost that we know. 

Snow Patrol album A hundred million stars, I know this is a very old album and I've been listen back on snow patrol again and I think I feel in love (hard) with them again.  I just can't stop myself to listen every each of their album everyday. My favorite from this album will take back the city , the golden floor, and disaster button. But there is one songs from snow patrol that has been my 2013 theme songs which is " This isn't everything you are " .

Fun Some Night album, one of my close friend told me to listen this band which I thank her after that. They really great band at first I feel a bit weird with the vocalist voice but then I try to listen more into their lyric which is really great. Some night will be my favorite songs, have you guys see the video yet? not yet? you guys should!