Sunday, July 15, 2012

sometime same drink could taste very different

Went to Gelato Bar Restaurant with my mom, she busy talking to her friends on the phone so I decide to busy myself with taking picture of the restaurant. The restaurant have this setting where they put a mug as their accessories which cute and also they have a lot of picture on the wall that look like a picture from different country. I was wearing a plaid shirt who belong to my dad ( yes its fit me quite well ) and also a black body con which is not on the picture.  
After lunch we went shopping surprisingly I shop quite a lot that time cause my mom kinda push me to buy some new stuff which is weird. After the long walk we take rest at Starbuck ( fav. place to rest and drink ) quite disappointed of something that happen there. Find this interesting book that have a really good drawing , picture about travel, and the "Espresso Yourself" page make me want to have some espresso machine. Those Lasagna is my dinner.  

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