Tuesday, July 17, 2012

being who you are is the best policy

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my mood for this month
hope everyone's have a great day 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

sometime same drink could taste very different

Went to Gelato Bar Restaurant with my mom, she busy talking to her friends on the phone so I decide to busy myself with taking picture of the restaurant. The restaurant have this setting where they put a mug as their accessories which cute and also they have a lot of picture on the wall that look like a picture from different country. I was wearing a plaid shirt who belong to my dad ( yes its fit me quite well ) and also a black body con which is not on the picture.  
After lunch we went shopping surprisingly I shop quite a lot that time cause my mom kinda push me to buy some new stuff which is weird. After the long walk we take rest at Starbuck ( fav. place to rest and drink ) quite disappointed of something that happen there. Find this interesting book that have a really good drawing , picture about travel, and the "Espresso Yourself" page make me want to have some espresso machine. Those Lasagna is my dinner.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rebel Kids

long dress Topshop, fedora hat Zara, oxford shoes Charles & Keith 

If you could see the times when I post this , its actually very early in the morning in here, can't sleep as usual. Been watching some dance video on Youtube and can't really stop. 
that was my outfit last week, my friends who met me that day keep calling me as rebel kids which quite funny to me. Finally had the chances to wear my fedora hat ( read : covering bad hair day ) . Its really funny every time I wear that hat there must be something weird happen and it did. 

 say hello to Jimmo , the little guy who always sleep with me