Friday, May 10, 2013

The Smell of Vintage : Lowlight Bazaar 4 Film At Kemang

cap pull & bear, collar shirt, skirt, and shoes Zara

Can you see how lovely the place is , all the woods , those vintage camera, cool unique stuff. Last week I went to my friends event which is Lowlight Bazaar 4 Film at Kemang. On this Bazaar , the sale all vintage stuff such as old camera, filmmaker, vinly player, and much more. And also, it sale fashion stuff too such as vintage clothing and cool DIY accessories. I went there to support my friends and at the same time to found out how the event goes since I enjoy anything that vintage.

I meet hafiz and his friends who make booth there. There booth called VISCHE. they sell from bags until DIY accessories that I could assure you its really damn cool.  I even bought 2 accessories from them, will show it later. I really love the events even though I don't stay until the end of the event.
From what I see and I heard from my Renaldy ( the tall guy on the picture ) the event went really good and well which I'm glad to hear it. If you wondering what the event looks like you could check the video. There is no doubt I will come again if my friends make another events. 


  1. Nice blog, just blogwalking your pages. You have lil bit problem with grammar but overall that's okay :) Keep blogging.

    1. hey elvira thank you for your comment I really appreciated. yes you just spot my weakness there & not really good on writing. but really appreciated for you to read my blog :)