Thursday, July 25, 2013

Like Crazy

watch this movie. finally. after all the busy stuff that make me can’t watch this actually wrong after all the scare feeling for me to watch this movie. I knew the time when I see the thriller of this movie I want to watch it. but in the same time I’m afraid. I’m afraid how this movie will affect on me. emotionally. cause this movie its so real to me , like u know really real. and when you watch a movie that sort of telling about your life story it will affect you. deep inside of you will start to feel weird. you went silent and just sit on your sofa. staring through the tv screen. and wait for couple of minute you feeling start to building up and there you are. you find yourself crying very loudly , you don't know why you cry but in the same time you know exactly why you cry. so yeah I watch this movie and I’m right , this movie killing me from inside and out. like crazy.

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