Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vince Spring 2013 with Kel Markey

source : thefashionpotkelmarkey

VINCE Spring 2013
Model : Kel Markey

My new muse girl name Kel Markey. At first I know her as Miles Garber girlfriend who is a model too.
I see her picture on his instagram and no I don't stalk his instagram.
In the same time I cut my hair I found her picture with that hair.
I seriously in love with her, her pale face, she a bit boyish look too
plus that 'i didn't care less" attitude remind me many of muse girl who mostly boyish & rebel look.

And now she a model of Vince , I don't really familiar with this brand or following this brand
but I love all the simple look , black & white color, simple detail, the boyish styling especially with the right model. Don't you just want all the pieces like all of them. 
My favorite look its no 2, 6, 7, 8, 11 ( in love  with that grey denim!)
Geeez I never stop loving this kind of look.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pretty Young Things F/W 2012 collection : CLASHING PATTERN

I suppose this already quite old but I haven't post it here. You could see how my hair still so long here.
These are they F/W 2012 collection. All about the stunning and unique pattern.
Now they have instagram too! which is a must to all of you to follow
especially to all of you who like unique brand , different, and have really good quality.

I miss all the crew of this amazing brand and I just miss the moment here.
I really wish I will get this opportunity again, beside the amazing crews that they have
their collection is always something very interesting to be look for!
anyway hope I meet all of them again (soon!)

Sunday, March 10, 2013




Finally it happening, I'm cutting of all my long hair. It take me about 3 week making this decision.
All my friends told me I look better with long hair , they said I look more mature.
But its 2013 and I had enough with my long hair beside I adore Kiko Mizuhara hair
and I always want to try her hair cut.

With supporting my sister & my friend Fransiska ( thank you for company me) 
I cut it off and it probably one of the best hair cut I ever had.
My motto now "always have different hair cut every new years" .

Friday, March 8, 2013

Your Pretty Wont You Come Play With Me

I know Agyness Deyn have a husband now and I love his husband too one of my favorite actor.
But I never stop loving these couple together, they just look really great together.
Agyness Deyn one of my biggest inspiration in life with Albert Hammond Jr the amazing musician. 
It just perfect and I love to have these kind of relationship.
Anyway maybe one day I found my own Albert Hammond Jr.