Tuesday, May 21, 2013


source : ZARA

Suvi Kopenen ( interesting name isn't it ) model and wife to Tyler Riggs 
is a model for ZARA lookbook may collection. 
Always a fans of ZARA, half of my wardrobe full with cloths from ZARA.

This month collection is really simple like they usual cloths. 
it doesn't mean bad tho for me everything look perfect.
the colors, the detail of the cut, the flower prints, and of course the simplicity of the style.
I want everything from this collection especially the blue dress & both the denim skirt.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby You Classic : Annie Monroe

source : jamesdkelly, tumblr, instagram

I'm not into sweet girl dressy type but if I do dress like a girl then I will be dressing like Annie Monroe.
Annie Monroe is one of my inspiration & muse for classic mod style for girl.
If you haven't know who she is, short story she one of the members from girls band The Like ( cool band and I'm a fans too ).
And if I'm not wrong, she dating one of my favorite photographer james d. kelly who
took a bunch picture of this beautiful creature on her daily life and yes is in black & white.
Thanks to her , now I'm hunting for anything that look classic, mod, vintage and cloth with collar. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Smell of Vintage : Lowlight Bazaar 4 Film At Kemang

cap pull & bear, collar shirt, skirt, and shoes Zara

Can you see how lovely the place is , all the woods , those vintage camera, cool unique stuff. Last week I went to my friends event which is Lowlight Bazaar 4 Film at Kemang. On this Bazaar , the sale all vintage stuff such as old camera, filmmaker, vinly player, and much more. And also, it sale fashion stuff too such as vintage clothing and cool DIY accessories. I went there to support my friends and at the same time to found out how the event goes since I enjoy anything that vintage.

I meet hafiz and his friends who make booth there. There booth called VISCHE. they sell from bags until DIY accessories that I could assure you its really damn cool.  I even bought 2 accessories from them, will show it later. I really love the events even though I don't stay until the end of the event.
From what I see and I heard from my Renaldy ( the tall guy on the picture ) the event went really good and well which I'm glad to hear it. If you wondering what the event looks like you could check the video. There is no doubt I will come again if my friends make another events.