Thursday, September 6, 2012

Natalie Suarez

 " Just go with the flow. Try not to take everything so seriously. Things always happen for a reason." 
Natalie Suarez 

I've been following her blog since the first time  I make my first blog , I don't exactly remember but it was a long time ago.  Until now I still love her everything about her. Her style which sometime could look rock n roll sometime sweet but not too sweet but always simple.  And I love how she could rock her same hairstyle just like the first time I see her blog. I could say she one of many people's that inspire me a lot, she could be this success and yet she still who she is. 
I think its a good thing to stay who you are no matter how other people's will judge/define you. 
check her blog  & her instagram to see how cool she is.

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