Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty Young Things Pre-Fall 2012 Lookbook



Photographer - Gregorius A. Andre (08176501158)
Anindya Irene Fiatrah Staats
Creative Designer - Fransiska Eka V.
Videographer - Theresia Tri
Stylist - Nike Andrianadownload lookbook here
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If any of you haven't know about this little clothing collection name Pretty Young Things than is a must for me to tell you now. Pretty Young Things ( PYT ) is basically a limited line collection that have a looks that simple with high details, tailored, classic, yet very chic. I have known this cool clothing line since the very beginning of their collection because I was very lucky enough to be friends with the owner and also the creative designer Fransiska Eka Valentine ( you should check her cool portfolio website ) . I know her for quite a long times now and when she told me about this clothing line I'm not very surprise cause she have a very cool yet very chic style and she always know what the next cool things are ( its always a pleasure to go shopping with her too ;) ). And when she ask me do I want to be the model of her brands? I was very surprise and not believe at her at first but in the same time I was very excited! and of course I said "yes" to her. The reason why I was really excited with her offer because I love her works so much , and I also wear one of her cloth from her work so I know how amazing is her clothing's. And also for me who secretly love to work as modeling this will be my first very offer to be a  real model for someone else brands!

The collection was for Pre-Fall collection 2012 , call as "Neat Natty" . It was Inspired by Japanese neat style and Monocle Magazine, Pretty Young Things want to pull off the neat and natty this Fall. The collection have a lots of really cool cloths with a beautiful details on it, example like the cutting of the shirt, stripes, elbow patch, flowery details and much more! .  One of my favorite was the one that has grey stripes shirt with broken elbow patch called Hiro , its really cool and during the shoot with that cloth I was joking around with the crews how the cloths its make totally for me and I don't want to take it off LOL. They also make a  really beautiful video for this collection which its a MUST for you to see here .

As for the shooting , it was really really amazing. Since I quite knew some of the crews. I was really nervous at the first time , but it feels so lucky to have this amazing crews with me. They all really nice, easy going and humorist too!. I love it how they just let me do what I do and giving me direction of exactly what they want from me. Even tho there some problems such as the hot weathers and strangers who try to annoy our shooting , the crews was really easy going and just easily calm with it.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All Time Icons : Irina Lazareanu

pic : tfs & tumblr

Irina lazareanu one of my all the time inspiration model. She really amazing and her style also really unique like her . She my first reason why I want to cut my fringe like her but on that time my hair not really long like her. But then I found out that Irina cut off all her long beautiful hair to very short hair which not make my love to her any less. She still look amazing. 

The reason why I post this is that lately I've been considering to cut my fringe like her again OR the biggest change I might want to cut my hair super short maybe not like her but kinda similar. I'm not sure yet so I still stick to my promise to myself : keep growing my hair long

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Natalie Suarez

 " Just go with the flow. Try not to take everything so seriously. Things always happen for a reason." 
Natalie Suarez 

I've been following her blog since the first time  I make my first blog , I don't exactly remember but it was a long time ago.  Until now I still love her everything about her. Her style which sometime could look rock n roll sometime sweet but not too sweet but always simple.  And I love how she could rock her same hairstyle just like the first time I see her blog. I could say she one of many people's that inspire me a lot, she could be this success and yet she still who she is. 
I think its a good thing to stay who you are no matter how other people's will judge/define you. 
check her blog  & her instagram to see how cool she is.